Francesca Dego Debuts with London Symphony Orchestra

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LSO and Apple Music have released “A New Dawn” a powerful collection of familiar and lesser-known works, featuring the star violinist Francesca Dego in Bologne’s Concerto Op.5 no.2 in A major, which was chosen as Gramophone’s video of the day. For Francesca, Bologne’s music is a fairly recent discovery.

“When first introduced to his music a few years ago I was shocked by the fact I had never even read about him before, considering he is clearly one of the great violin virtuosos of all time” she comments. “Having now performed the A major Concerto various times I am beyond excited and grateful to be able to bring it to listeners together with one of the world’s greatest orchestras, the London Symphony. It truly deserves it!” 



Quartetto Prometeo on Archi Magazine’s of May/June ’23
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